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DJ Mix #499 – Iris Menza

Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

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When talking about the top-representatives of Belgian underground culture, Iris Menza undoubtedly pops up on the major tier of the list.

Next to being a highly demanded and respected name in the Benelux, frequent appearances at Sankeys Ibiza and Sisyphos Berlin amongst others emphasize her bordercrossing success as a globe-trotting artist.

As Iris excels in bringing a refined hybrid of dub-tech, deep house and techno with an emotional undertone, she has been able to craft a sophisticated, yet recognizable sound through the years which she can undisputedly call her own. Release-wise, she landed her debut EP on Cachai Music, the renowned label of Daniel Sanchez and Andre Butano.

In 2017, Iris joined forces with the FloorBookings agency for the exclusive Benelux area. As both parties strive to maintain and reinforce Iris’ current high-ranked status in underground nightlife, they subsequently work on letting her reach even higher grounds in the near future.

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Highlights from the past year for Iris are quite exciting. She played at the Ants stage at Tomorrowland festival, became a resident of the most renown club in Ghent, Kompass, had amazing gigs in Germany at Sisyphos in Berlin and Hell & Dunkel Festival in Düsseldorf, and finally an outstanding Ibiza season where she played the legendary Sankeys!

Without a further ado, press play and get into the wonderful vibes that Iris has prepared for us.

SC: @deejayiris

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