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Alex Cruz – Deep & Sexy Podcast #31 (From Medellin With Love)

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Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

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After being on the road for a long time, then coming back into the studio and getting back into producing/editing/remixing tracks for single releases and podcasts was to be honest quite tough the last 2 months. Making tracks and then realising at certain moments that clearances will not happen so these tracks won’t be released at all…..that is far from inspiring. So I was searching for some inspiration again and then I flew to Colombia, Medellin. 5 flights within 24 hours to only get there, starting just before midnight. It is not all glitter and glamour in the dj world. BUT…..arriving at Medellin and then getting such a warm welcome from people who I have never met before. Julian, Clara, David, Beto, Mia, to name a few. I played a private party that day and the day after a 3-hour set at Salon Amador (Thanks to Panda 404). A beautiful, cozy and well designed and decorated nightclub in the heart of Medellin. What I did not expect (I hardly have expectations) is that so many people inside this club knew me and where really excited for my performance. How can you go wrong then? I think I played one of my best sets of this year and looking at the crowd I think they liked it as well 😉 So Medellin, Salon Amador, people from Colombia, thank you so much for making me feel inspired again! This is what came out of it: please listen and enjoy to Deep & Sexy #31. Love, Alex

PS: A special shout out to my fellow musicians: Andreas, Georg & Little Indian. Thanks for being in my life!

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