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Chus and Ceballos – Stereo Productions Podcast : WEEK12_18 CHUS & CEBALLOS LIVE FROM EL ROW BOGOTA (CO)

Our top favorites Chuand Ceballos have released another episode of their banging Stereo productions podcasy in this episdoe you can hear: WEEK12_18 CHUS & CEBALLOS LIVE FROM EL ROW BOGOTA (CO)

Download link: Right click and save as here
Traclist and more information:

00. Intro

01. Paul C & Paolo Martini – Waxs (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions)

02. Danny Serrano, Mendo – Grush (Original Mix) [Desolat]

03. Bassel Darwish – Effective (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]

04. Harvy Valencia – Japop (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]

05. Alvin Kyer – Lies a Bit (Original Mix0 [Not Ordinary]

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06. Hauswerks vs Tom Flynn – Bianca ( Gonzalez & Vazquez Mashup)

07. Fer BR – Jack (Original Mix) [Trapez]

08. Harry Romero – Say Yeah (Original Mix) [Circus]

09. Kreature – Wacomin (Raumakustik Remix) [UnderGroundaudio]

10. Neverdogs – I Believe That Ft. Tmar [Rous]

11. Chus & Ceballos, Oscar L – Fiezzta (Original Mix) [Nonstop] 12. Paolo Martini – Getcha (Original Mix) [Paul’s Boutique] 13. DJ Shufflemaster – Re:Weekender (Paco Osuna Remix) [Mindshake] 14. Chus & Ceballos feat. Astrid Suryanto – All I Want (Technasia Remix) [Stereo Productions]

About this podcast
In Stereo Radio Show is Dj Chus’ weekly radio show where he presents his uniques and global vision of Electronic Music. Every week you can delight your hears with the best music played by Dj Chus in sets for the best clubs all around the world.

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