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Business As Usual June 2018: Luke Solomon + Special Guest Soulphiction

Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

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1. Moodyman – Pitch Black City Reunion [Mahoganni]
2. Bella Boo – Keep Me Warm [Studio Barnhus]
3. Ilja Rudman – Love Changes Minds (Hot Toddy Remix) [Classic]
4. Lele Sacchi – Dreaming Won’t Do (Tiger & Woods Nightmare Mix) [Rebirth]
5. Yves Saint Lau Rant – I’m Gonna Miss You
6. Raf Rundell Ft Show Boy – Sweet Cheeks (Ray Mang Remix Edit)
7. D.C. LaRue – Let Them Dance (Idjut Boys Remix) [Z Records]
8. DJ Applejac – B & P [Shadeleaf]
9. Unknown Artist – Beat Trax 1 [Still Love 4 Music]
10. DJ Rimarkable – I’m In Trouble [DTR]
11. Oliver Way – Stained Glass Shadows (Robert Hood Remix) [EPMMusic]
12. Luke Solomon feat Amy Douglas and Queen Rose – Light You Up (Louie Vega Remix) [Classic]

This show was exclusively broadcast on Rinse France!

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