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SoulGood 820 featuring Kate Elsworth

Another episode of one of our favorite podcasts has been released!
Enjoy SoulGood 820 featuring Kate Elsworth Broadcast 19 – 29 July 2018

Use the buttons below to stream it onlin (give it few seconds to load) or to download from the official direct download link.


About this podcast:
SoulGood is presented by Bill Fragos and Exacta (NYC) and with the assistance of Sawdust.

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SoulGood is broadcast around the world on:
DanceRadio Canada
Digitally Imported Radio NYC: DI.FM
Fresh 92.7 Adelaide
Hit Radio
I Love House Brasil
Inside My House Radio
Lulu FM
Lush 95.1 Townsville and 87.6 Mackay
Radio BDS
RadioMetro 105.7 GoldCoast
Switch Brisbane
TNT Radio

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