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Meat Katie ‘Lowering The Tone’ Episode 26 (With Kristian Townsend from Dubspeeka Interview)

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Right, I didn’t plan on this Episode of Lowering The Tone being the Xmas show, Im just so late with it, that is just how it’s panned out 🙂

It’s not a bad one even if I say so myself.

This time round I have a very good friend of mine Kristian Townsend (Dubspeeka, Ways & Means, Akasha FX) over for a loose conversation, we ended up having a bit of a big night before, and I was really feeling it the day after, much to Kristian’s amusement, as you will hear.

The conversation touches upon everything from Kristian’s upbringing & living out a bus, to running a high influential record label, to the current success of his Dub Techno project Dubspeeka (along with Darren Beale from Kosheen).

I thoroughly enjoyed chatting with Kris, I hope that comes across in this 2hr show.

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Musicwise, I pretty much kick the sh*t out of it from start to finish 🙂

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I hope you enjoy it.


Mark (Meat Katie)

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