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Chus and Ceballos – Stereo Productions Podcast : WEEK21_19 Chus & Ceballos live from Elrow Bangkok, Thailand

Our top favorites Chuand Ceballos have released another episode of their banging Stereo productions podcasy in this episdoe you can hear: WEEK21_19 Chus & Ceballos live from Elrow Bangkok, Thailand

Download link: Right click and save as here
Traclist and more information:

01. Harry Romero – Lowdown (Chus & Ceballos Sweet Love private edit)

02. Mele – Atlantic (Original Mix) [Edible]

03. Jaden Thompson – Alright (Original Mix) [Emeral City]

04. Sllash & Doppe – My Man Busta (Original Mix) [Toolroom]

05. The Deepshakerz –  My Way (Original Mix) [Saved]

06. Di Chiara Brothers – Love Me (Original Mix) [Flashmob]

07. Jansons feat.  Dope Earth Alien – Switch (Original mix) [Circus]

08. Francesco Squillante – My Squillhumps (Italo Bros Remix) [Under no Illusion]

09. Ron Costa Vs Danny Serrano – Maestros (Chus & Ceballos Private edit)

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10. Danny Serrano – El Tambor (Original Mix) [Stereo Productions]

11. Andre Oliva – Rosa (Original Mix) [Desolat]

12. Mulder (NL) – It`s All In The Hips (Original mix) [Bla Bla]

13. Rafa Barrios – Yenckle (Original Mix) [Black Flag]

14. Senzala & Jansons – Take Me Away (Original mix) [promo]

15. Hector Couto – Salimo (Original Mix) [Sola]

16. Max Chapman – Formanto [Sola]

17. Joeski feat. Héctor Lavoe – Dia de Ayer (Original Mix) [Sondos]

18. Julian Collazos – Nango (Original Mix) [Material]

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