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Claude Von Stroke presents: THE BIRDHOUSE 222 – Featuring RICH NXT

Claude Von Stroke delivers his Birdhouse podcast for another episode.

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Information and Tracklist:

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Rich Nxt – Mash Mish [WHITE LABEL]

Moonlit Vision – Theo’s Things [WHAT NXT]

OTR Soundsystem – Barrio (Rich Nxt Remix) [OTHER THOUGHTS]


Enzo Siragusa & Rich NxT – Ideas of March [WHITE LABEL]

Philipp_Lichtblau – We Are (Ben Rau Remix) [MOVIN]

Rich NxT – Shash [WHITE LABEL]

Andreas Dorau – Girls In Love (Mariano Mateljan Grungerman EDIT) [WHITE LABEL]

DURATION: 00:59:58

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