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Amelie Lens, Umek, Tijana T, Farrago, Meduza, Dubioza Kolektiv,Cypress Hill announced for Sea Star Festival at the Croatian coast!

Cypress Hill announced for Sea Star Festival at the Croatian coast!

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Envisioned by the team behind the multi-awarded EXIT Festival, its sister Sea Star Festival,
settled in the scenic Croatian seaside town Umag, will take place 22-23 May at the beautiful
Stella Maris lagoon, kicking off the long summer season. One of the biggest hip-hop groups of all
time, Cypress Hill, will lead the bill and they will be joined by Amelie Lens, Umek, Tijana T,
Farrago, Meduza, Dubioza Kolektiv, as well as the strong local hip-hop lineup and many more
artists to be announced in the weeks ahead! The Californian rap gods, who have a whopping 20
million albums sold worldwide, will have only two big shows in Europe: one in Iceland, as well as
at the Sea Star Festival, to which they are coming with their entire five-member lineup.
Credited for hits Insane In The Brain, Tequila Sunrise, Rock/Rap Superstar, Hits From The Bong
and I Ain't Goin 'Out Like That, Cypress Hill has strongly influenced the global hip- hop scene, and
with their outside-the-box thinking have promoted bilingualism since their first album.
Indispensable in popular culture, this famous band also received an episode in the cult series The
Simpsons, their hits playing in the super-popular Grand Theft Auto game and movies such as The
Fast & Furious series, The Sopranos, Mr. Robot, The Wolf of Wall Street, Friday, to name only a few.
These visionaries are musical role models to all the great hip-hop and rap groups that came after
Cypress Hill left a mark on music history as the originators of the West Coast hip-hop sound, but
also as the musical prophets who announced the present day, global rise of Latin rap, three
decades ago. Their first single, How I Could Just Kill A Man, was the epitome of hardcore gangsta
rap that opened the door to an array of icons such as 2Pac, Snoop Dogg and others. The eccentric
sound and unusual sample selection also inspired a new, different, hip-hop wave in the East that
would be made famous by the Wu-Tang Clan just a few years later. And so, Cypress Hill has
prophetically set the foundations for the hip-hop sound of the '90s, simultaneously affecting a
crossover that blended rock and metal with urban ghetto sounds, making their sound distinctive.
Sea Star – A festival in a Magical Lagoon
Sea Star festival promoted by the team behind globally acclaimed EXIT Festival takes place in a
beautiful seaside town of Umag at the mind-blowing Croatian coast. It is set in the Stella Maris
resort, in a turquoise-color lagoon with most amazing sunsets. Umag represents a breathtaking
combo of baroque and renaissance, and Mediterranean climate, while this entire Istrian region is
known of its delicious homemade and gourmet food, olive groves, fields of tomatoes and
vineyards. Sea Star Festival is a perfect invitation to initiate summer on a stunning location, with
world renowned artists and an outstanding production!

The fourth edition of the Sea Star Festival will be held at the famous Stella Maris lagoon in Umag,
on May 22 and 23, with the Welcome Party on May 21 and the closing party on May 24. Tickets
for Sea Star festival are available at
Accommodation and travel arrangements can be found at Exit’s official travel agency, ExitTrip’s

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