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Alan Fitzpatrick Presents: We Are The Brave Radio 121

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Here we go with the next episode of one of UK’s finests – Alan Fitzpatrick and his Only the brave podcast.

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Information about this podcast episode:

Weekly Podcast

Guest Mix from Wax Wings

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1. Baseck,Pilo-SelfModify
2. DannyDaze-TrumpetTrackFt.JohnnySuperglu 3. LiamDoc-UMakeMeFeelLikeDialUp
4. SachaRobotti,WhoIsHush-Raw
5. WaxWings-AF2TF
6. Raito,i_o-Cash
7. Sarin-PsychicDriving(PhaseFataleRemix)
8. GeorgeLibe-Lever
9. Razbibringa-Kvantas
10.MATRiXXMAN – Tango Down
11. Saint Cole – Ghetto Blaster
12.KUSP (UK) – Give It to Me
13.Lester Fitzpatrick – Bang Dat
14.Rotor Militia – Untitled XX
15.Marcal – Antidote
16.Wax Wings – Daylight Horror
17.Shadowax – I Want To Be Stewardess

Lenght: 01:01:08

Relese date: Thu, 20 Aug 2020 08:10:00 +0000

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