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An Easter Thanks – Wish You Were Here – 4 Hour Journey Set

Amazing news another episode of the Glob DJ Broadcast the podcast by Markus Schultz has been released.

Stream it for online listening or download from the button bellow


Tracklist: Happy Easter to you. Normally, this would be the time of year where many of us would be sharing wonderful memories created together during the traditional Miami Music Week, slowly before transitioning to preparations for our annual In Bloom all-vocal journey.

Many of us are still far apart, but we have hope in our hearts that we can soon be closer again. If you’ve been listening to Global DJ Broadcast for the past two weeks, you’ll know that I put together a special “Wish You Were Here” themed set; in an effort to continue to provide some solace and a means of escape, and with a sprinkling of current favorites mixed with some distant nods.

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For the holiday weekend, here it is for you in its full 4 hour and uninterrupted form. Wish You Were Here.

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