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Alan Fitzpatrick Presents: We Are The Brave Radio 195

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Here we go with the next episode of one of UK’s finests – Alan Fitzpatrick and his Only the brave podcast.

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Information about this podcast episode:

Weekly Podcast

Guest mix from Focus Puller

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1. Arpanet: The Analyst (Record Makers)
2. James Ruskin: Surfaced (Tresor)
3. Surgeon: Crater 101 (Ilian Tape)
4. Pollon: Lost Souls (Tresor)
5. Martyn Playfrd: Central Enrich Plant (Trapez)
6. Biri: Searching (Non Series)
7. Troy: Spirit Navigation (Reeko Remix) Non Series
8. Stndrd: Magnitude (Edit Select)
9. Click Box: Resonant Space (Trapez)
10. Berkel: Processo Inverso (Methodical)
11. Tadeo: The Big Step (Function Remix) (Non Series)
12. Bassfreq: Medford (Trapez)
13. Developer: Cowards Stay Silent (Modularz)
14. Outsider Perception Syndrome: Ocular Straylight (Subsist Records)
15. Developer: The Pusher (Modularz)
16. Outsider Perception Syndrome: Cotard’s Delusion (Subsist Records)
17. Developer: Deep Positioning (Olympian)
18. Arpanet: Illuminated Displays (Record Makers)
19. Mor Elian: Feral Chime (Hypercolour)
20. Moy: Magic Acid (Moy)

Lenght: 01:00:31

Relese date: Wed, 19 Jan 2022 12:05:00 +0000

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