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Alan Fitzpatrick Presents: We Are The Brave Radio 208

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Here we go with the next episode of one of UK’s finests – Alan Fitzpatrick and his Only the brave podcast.

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Weekly Podcast

Guest Mix from Charlie Sparks

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1. Midnight Rave – Van der Wiese
2. MetaLink – Ling Ling Vs Nitras
3. Acid In My Mind – Sterlin moss
4. Bonestash Axyo – Need for Speed AIROD
5. Nasty Business: (Mayeul Lucass P, JKS, Mayeul
6. Molekül 17 – Submode E
7. One Night In Hackney – Dynamo City, Chris Liber 3 Nights In Hackney
8. New Aeon – Sterling Moss, Lab4
9. It’s Like That – Ciuciek
10. Face Down – Tassi
11. Pince moi seigneur – Acouphènes
12. Scre Your Supression v2 – Hayek
13. Ling Ling – My Neck, My Back
14. What’s Poppin – Versus, Narciss, Bours?
15. Old Kool MASTER. Av at Alf Graham

Lenght: 01:00:31

Relese date: Wed, 20 Apr 2022 13:00:00 +0000

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