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Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.884 Etapp Kyle

We are pleased to present you the next episode of the most popular podcasts out there: The Resident advisor podcast.

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In this episdoe you can enjoy : Since emerging (to most the world) on Ben Klock’s Klockworks label, Ukrainian producer Etapp Kyle immediately caught attention of Berlin’s techno cognoscenti, with a sound that seemed perfectly fit for the Berghain school: taut, slyly melodic and just the right amount of funky. Over the past ten years, he’s refined his sound to a science, but also opened it up: his records on Ostgut Ton, particularly 2020’s Nolove EP, showcase a mastery of sound and space. This is techno you can sit in, and let it wash over you.

As a DJ, Kyle is generally associated with a functional, if atmospheric style of techno (and, more recently, electro), but on his RA Podcast he invites us into something of a different space. In a way, this mix represents the spirits of his productions, with a wide-open soundscape touching on everything from ’90s techno and trance, including some goodies from Canada and Denmark, along with core electronic acts like Future Sound Of London, Autechre and today’s modern electronica poster-boy, Skee Mask—BPMs and genres be damned. It’s a mix that veers from melancholy to emotive to ecstatic, sometimes even silly, and it’s a real pleasure, capturing one of techno’s more creative and restless voices.

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Lenght: 00:58:26

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