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DJ Mix #498 – KyleGeiger

Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

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Next in our DJ mix series is one of America’s most dedicated techno artists Kyle Geiger. Humility is not generally a quality that ranks high on the list of things for which an average techno DJ is known. Kyle Geiger isn’t your average DJ/producer. From his marathon sets at legendary clubs like Berghain to his pounding yet melodic productions, there are plenty of notable musical accomplishments on his resumè. When you scratch the surface though, what you find is a genuinely humble human with a true passion for techno and a love for DJing. The kind of grateful joy you find in those who come from small Midwestern towns in the U.S., and find themselves relocated to an area where techno is so widely consumed: decades of experience collecting and programming music for some of the toughest crowds to be finally rewarded with chances to play in venues that have carried the music to where it is today.
After having released on labels such as Drumcode and Perc Trax, in the past few years Kyle has been focusing on his DJ craft and establishing his name all over Germany. In 2017 we have some of the most exciting updates coming up! Not only did we have the chance to enjoy a stellar closing set by Kyle of the legendary Berghain in August, but soon we will have the pleasure of enjoying his new ‘’Drifter’’ EP, which is set to be released on Credo as well a contribution featured on the next VA compilation on the acclaimed Valence.
Kyle Geiger offers the full package – fantastic mixing, excellent taste, and a deep hypnotic sound. This winter he will bring one more thing to the table – the debut of his new house Moniker on John Osborn’s Dred Records. This will definitely mark a new beginning for Kyle and his fans, as it will allow him to explore different musical realms as a producer, and more freedom to release a wider range of music.
Now press play and enjoy!

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