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Defected Radio Show presented by DJ Haus – 12.01.18

Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

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01. Jacy ‘Gotta Have It’ (Just Right Mix) [Hot House Recs]
02. M44K ‘Mystvib’ (Edit) [E-Beamz]
03. Steve Murphy featuring DJ Octopus ‘Man In A Box’ [Hot House Recs]
04. Nyra ‘Eternal Ends’ [E-Beamz]
05. Dennis Quin ‘ACIDEN’ [E-Beamz]
06. Hugo Massien ‘Chemically Minded’ [E-Beamz]
07. Ejeca ‘Attack’ (Original Mix) [Unknown To The Unknown]
08. Vin Sol ‘Ruff, Rugged & Raw’ [Unknown To The Unknown]
09. Benny Rodrigues ‘Cocaine Speaking’ [Dance Trax]
10. Steve Stoll ‘Menace’ [Proper N.Y.C.]
11. Ejeca ‘Firework’ [Defected]
12. Elisa Bee ‘Mass’ [Unknown To The Unknown]
13. Hugo Massien ‘Almost Becoming Lucid’ [E-Beamz]
14. Background ‘First Time’ [E-Beamz]
15. Inner Sense ‘MoTP’ [My Love Is Underground]

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