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Hernan Cattaneo Resident / Episode 377 / Jul 28 2018

Another weekend is here and what better weekend weapon you can have than the latest episode of the official podcast of Hernan Cattaneo

This week enjoy: Resident / Episode 377 / Jul 28 2018


Information and Tracklist:

Öona Dahl & Giddyhead – Baba (Lee Jones Remix) /

Audioglider – Accidental Alchemy /

SLP – Forbidden Fruit (Chris Drifter Remix) /

Dousk – Life Is a Carnival (Matias Chilano Remix) /

Ewan Rill – Nectar /

Kanye West – Hold my Liquor (Klement Bonelli remix) /

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Armen Miran – Born In Fire /

Up All Night – Way Back (Who Else & Anhauser Remix) /

Luis Kiverling – Dia de Mariscal (Andrea Cassino Remix) /

BOg – Jahar (Mathias Schober Remix) /

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