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Prok | Fitch Podcast July 2018

Another month has come and another episode of the podcast of one of our favorite DJ duos Prok and Fitch has been released.

Listen online or use the direct official download link:


More information and tracklist
1- White Label- Outrageous (Wired)

2- Mason Collective- Mars Bar (Solid Grooves)

3- Rich NXT- Ashame- (Tamango Records)

4- Gruuve- You Say- James Dexter Remix- (Lemon-aid Music)

5- Janika Tenn & Vanilla Ace- Giddy Up- Roberto Palmero Dub mix (Safe Music)

6- Daniel Sanchez- Thang (8Bit)

7- Jason Burns- Once Again- Tekla Remix (Soup)

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8- Josh Butler- Anonymous (Hot Creations)

9- Unknown

10- Rhythm Masters- YO- Mark Jenkyns Remix (Under No Illusion)

11- Stanton Warriors feat. Twista- Pop Ya Cork- Technasia Dub Remix- (Snatch Records)

12- Leonardo Gonnelli, Jesters- Ounce (Deeperfect Records)

13- Seff- Valhalla- Hauswerks Remix (Swerve Digital)

14- Sabb- Jeopardized- Super Flu Almost Instrumental Mix (RADIANT)

Release date:

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