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SET ABOUT PODCAST #001 with Metodi Hristov (October 2018)

Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

Listen online the latest from: Metodi Hristov

Listen Online:

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1. Metodi Hristov – Intergalactic (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]
2. Sian, Maksim Dark – Molecules (Original Mix) [OCTOPUS rec.]
3. Metodi Hristov – Meteor (Original Mix) [TERMINAL M]
4. Drunken Kong – Change (Original Mix) [TERMINAL M]
5. Metodi Hristov – Out Of Control (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]
6. Gallya & Monstergetdown – Processed (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]
7. Sian, Shelley Johannson – Glock Nine (Original Mix) [OCTOPUS rec.]
8. Filterheadz – Abstraction (Original Mix) [UNITY rec.]
9. Metodi Hristov – Sofia (Original Mix) [TERMINAL M]
10. D-Unity – Had Enough (Original Mix) [UNITY rec.]
11. Metodi Hristov – Massive Attack (Original Mix)
12. Gallya – Sanity Can’t Wait (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]
13. Teenage Mutants – Future (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]
14. Metodi Hristov – Carbon (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]
15. Hate Cinnamon – Earth Is Flath (Original Mix) [SET ABOUT]

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