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Episode 27: Prok | Fitch Podcast May 2021 …listen online

Another episode of the podcast of one of our favorite DJ duos Prok and Fitch has been released.

Listen online or use the direct official download link:

More information and tracklist
1. Alvaro Am- Bloo- (Revival New York)

2. Gruuve- Please Don’t Stop (MÜSE )

3. Rendher- Flavor (Solid Grooves)

4. Jamie Firleding- Take 20 To Tanngo (White)

5. Roberto Pagliccia – Out of Tune- Prok | Fitch Remix (Lapsus Music)

6. Ramin Rezaie – Focus (White)

7. Franky Rizardo – Bliss (LTF Records)

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8. Wheats- Take Me Where (White)

9. Classmatic & Gabe- Encoding (HOTTRAX)

10. Prok | Fitch- Common People (Raw Grooves)

11. Cuartero- Melkor (Constant Black)

12. James Solace & Jansons- 54 (Hot Creations)

13. Balckchild- Pass The Blunt (Raw Grooves)

14. Jon Gravy- Motion 7 (Pets Recordings)

Release date:

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