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Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.821 Sunju Hargun

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RA.821 Sunju Hargun : Southeast Asia is made up of diverse dance music markets that feel strongest when united. A steady stream of cross-border collaborations has come to define the region’s underground nightlife, with Bangkok-based Sunju Hargun at the forefront of many of these exchanges. Over the years, he’s honed a signature sound of minimal techno, tribal rhythms and deep downtempo while playing in Singapore, Indonesia and Vietnam. Inspired by the traditional music of these countries, his DJ sets and productions are lush tonal sound baths, with plenty of nature references. Shimmering ambient evokes misty mountain tops while whiffs of Goa trance nod to beach sunrises.

His current project, Siamese Twins Records, is also rooted in pan-Asian connections. A platform to explore old-world chants and ceremonial percussion, the label hosts much of Hargun’s own work, including Bollywood-inspired acid made as Mogambo, a production outfit he runs with Jerom Doudet. All these myriad styles are present on Hargun’s RA Podcast, an hour-long trip where flickering synths reverberate like gongs before morphing into an amorphous mass of dub techno, jungle noises and meandering modular sequences.

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