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Twenty Years After Declaring Its Own State, EXIT Goes One Step Further…

Twenty years have passed since EXIT declared its own state, which simultaneously represents a metaphorical country with its passports and borders marked by the walls of the Petrovaradin Fortress and a “State of EXIT,” the state of mind of the hundreds of thousands of its citizens, who believe that national and religious diversity brings wealth, not a reason for conflict. It was created by everyone who finds an exit in the freedom to be who they are, and the festival has been the ideal place for us to be accepted in our authenticity and respond in kind.

Just two years before the declaration, EXIT gathered young people from Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Montenegro, and Slovenia in one place for the first time since the Yugoslav wars, opening the door to new friendships and spreading new ways of communication in the region. Hundreds of thousands of young people saw that they need not believe the extreme political propaganda and that the people across the border were just like them, sharing their aspirations, desires, and problems. Young people who remained disoriented after the wars looked to the State of EXIT for refuge, belonging, and a place whose rhythm was set by love, tolerance, and peace. 

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A few years later, this intimate regional connection was extended to the entire world, and people came to see the kind of new energy being born in the Balkans, creating the global myth of EXIT, which continues to this day. Following the legend of the fortress festival in a country they had never been to, people from over 100 countries travelled every July on a musical pilgrimage to Serbia and Novi Sad. It was precisely that energy that managed to overcome the pandemic, allowing EXIT to become the first major festival in the world and the only one in Europe to take place after almost two years of hiatus. EXIT thus became more than a supranational state, becoming a Universe unto itself, one in which people suddenly had the freedom to be with each other again, to hug, dance, and dream together.

Today, the time has come for us to leave the boundaries of the known once again and step together into the EXIT Universe, a place woven from the emotions of everyone who has set foot on the Fortress at least once, a place where miracles happen, and the brightest stars are each of us. This universe will materialize from the 6th to the 9th of July at a well-known location — the Petrovaradin Fortress and the journey begins today.

At a time when inflation continues to leave an increasingly prominent mark on various aspects of our lives, including ticket prices to a large extent, EXIT made sure that the most faithful fans would be able to purchase their tickets at the same starting price as in previous years. Ticket sales will begin at noon on 15th November 2022 at a price of 109 EUR +b/f. Tickets will be available on the festival website and through Gigs Tix, with this very limited quantity expected to sell out in just a few minutes

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