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Claude Von Stroke presents: Dirtybird Radio 371 – Best of 2022

Claude Von Stroke delivers his Birdhouse podcast for another episode.

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Information and Tracklist:

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Dillon Marinez – “Wormhole” [Dirtybird Records]

Mike Kerrigan & n808 – “Penguin Hit Squad” [Dirtybird Records]

Simas – “Benja” [Dirtybird Records]

Walker & Royce – “Feel The Vibe” [Dirtybird Records]

2phargon – “Micro” [Dirtybird Records]

Plastic Robots – “Armada” [Dirtybird Records]

Hugo Massien – “Fast Forward” [Dirtybird Whitelabel]

A taste of 2023:

Danny Goliger & Choopsie – “AF Rex” [Dirtybird Whitelabel]

DURATION: 01:00:05

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