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Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.930 INVT

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RA.930 INVT : Most underground movements in the arts can be boiled down to one key ingredient: friends doing dope shit together. Childhood BFFs Luca Medici and Delbert Perez have been doing just that with INVT (that’s “innovate”), a multidisciplinary art project that spans club music and streetwear. Before exploding onto the international stage and playing to massive crowds in Ibiza and Tulum, the Miami natives built a solid community at home through electrifying DJ sets, releases and fashion. They might be globe-trotting artists now, going back-to-back with artists like Skream and playing Panorama Bar, but their raw DIY spirit stays strong.

Their tunes and live hardware shows fuse jungle, techno, East Coast club and dubstep—and lately, tech house and tribal house—with bass-heavy Latin genres like cumbia and guaracha. A reflection of Miami’s diverse demographics, their genre cross-pollinations bring together skaters, dancers, artists and various subcultures. Their clothing lines are equally cross-cultural: repurposed vintage items made from screen printing and acid washing, using photos and designs that represent their home city’s vibrant street culture. True to their grassroots ethos, everything’s done in-house, from mixing and mastering tracks to embroidery.

The next-gen duo’s ultra-rhythmic productions, characterised by deep, swinging drums and trippy textures, is delivered to the world at a rapid-fire pace, testament to Medici and Perez’s seemingly insatiable hunger. Their explosive career has helped bring fresh shine to Miami talents who feature heavily in their sets, including this RA Podcast. Featuring DJ Babatr, Coffintexts and plenty of their own unreleased heaters, INVT’s mix represents their friendships, community and Miami’s thrilling melting pot of dance music that they’re still a core part of even as they move across the globe.



Nicky Romero presents: Protocol Radio #607

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Check out the latest realesed episode of the weekly podcast of Nicky Romero – Protocl Radio. Enjoy the official download link and online stream: Tracklist and information about this podcast episode: ON-AIR! This is #PRR607…

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