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David Guetta presents The Podcast: Playlist #711

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David Guetta – the man from France who changed the scene. Hated or loved by many there is one fact – he is responsible for the rise of the DJ scene and for taking it from the underground to every major festival. Many have forgotten that he wasn’t always a mainstream DJ ad his legenadary after hours in Paris but now that’s history. At the moment this is the electronic artist that sells the most and the one that created the EDM.

Enjoy the music with the official download link and online stream for The podcast Playlist #711 preseted by David Guetta :


More information and tracklist (if available) for this podcast episode:
01. Dennis Ferrer – Hey Hey (Jack Back remix extended)

02. Scorz & Silvio Soul – This Feeling (Extended Mix)

03. SHKAPOV – Menhen (Original Mix)

04. Solanca & Lokka Vox – For You (Extended Mix)

05. Aldor – Out Of Air (Extended Mix)

06. VORA, PRAVDA (EG) – The Future Is Here

07. David Guetta & Kim Petras – When We Were Young (Seth Hills Remix Remix Extended)

08. David Guetta & Mason vs Princess Superstar – Perfect (Exceeder) (Extended Mix)

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09. Anyma – Pictures Of You (Extended Mix)

10. Gelida & Trenom & Ken Bauer – Under (Extended Mix)

11. Ruokki – Jupiter

12. Leandro Da Silva – Night Owls (Extended Mix)

13. fran&co – Space Time

Lenght: 01:02:21

Release date: Fri, 15 Mar 2024 16:00:00 +0000

Source of podcast :WikiPedia

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