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R3hab presents: CYB3RPVNK Radio #583

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Welcome to the official podast of R3HAB Every week the Dutch maestro showcase his favorite tunes and and a DJ set. Enjoy the music with the ofiocial download link and online stream : Click to…

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Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.913 33EMYBW

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RA.913 33EMYBW : It would be no exaggeration to say that 33EMYBW is one of the most original club music producers we’ve heard in recent years. In addition to being a talented visual artist and a bass player in the experimental band Duck Fight Goose, her solo productions are a highlight of Shanghai’s bustling underground scene—home to forward-thinking artists like Tzusing, Osheyack, Swimful and Hyph11e—moving with their own rhythmic language. She has a lexicon of drum sounds borrowed from all over the world, including tablas, bongos and mallets. As 33EMYBW, she puts together strange, multi-limbed rhythms that bring to mind images of dancing spiders and insects, something she addressed directly on 2019’s showstopping Arthropods LP, released on the influential SVBKVLT label. As she says in the interview below, you basically need more than two legs to dance to her music. Maybe even eight.

Her music deals with creatures that vary from the mythical to the everyday (her first album was called Golem). On her latest record Holes Of Sinian, also out on SVBKVLT, she imagines the mostly-unknown organisms from the recently discovered Ediacaran period. It’s more esoteric, atmospheric and arguably even funkier than her previous work, with Marina Herlop on one hair-raising track that you can hear in a demo version on her RA Podcast. This mix is actually a version of her live set—a favourite at influential festivals like Unsound and CTM—featuring plenty of productions from across her career in mutated and improvisational forms. It’s creepy, crawly and undeniably danceable. If you can keep up with it.



Jeton Records Radio Show: JRS151 Ramon Tapia

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Welcome to the 151th episode of the Jeton Records Radio Show ! This month, we are pleased to welcome Ramon Tapia .

Born and raised in Holland, Ramon Tapia ‘s journey into the techno realm mirrors the eclectic beats that shaped his youth. Immersed in the sounds of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Kraftwerk, and Detroit techno pioneers, his musical foundation was enriched by the dance floor tales spun by his older sisters.

Relocating to Antwerp for studies, a part-time job in a record shop changed his trajectory. Teaming up with a colleague, he delved into production, crafting a tougher techno style. The late 2000s marked his emergence under the moniker Ramon Tapia , with releases on Herzblut, Craft, and Yellow Tail, defining a new school techno sound.

A pivotal moment came in 2010 when he mixed a compilation for Strictly Rhythm, propelling him onto the global stage. Subsequently, he found a home in renowned labels like Remote Area, 100% Pure, Intacto, Gem Records, Great Stuff, and Turbo, remixing tracks for industry stalwarts.

In 2012, he founded Say What? Recordings and Aella Music, channeling his Latin background and Dutch/Belgian heritage into a unique techno template. Ramon Tapia remains a humble artist, driven by a passion to rock dancefloors and let his music speak without hyperbole or ego.

We are very pleased to host Ramon Tapia on this month’s Jeton Records Radio Show with his exclusive mix.



Nicky Romero presents: Protocol Radio #590

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Check out the latest realesed episode of the weekly podcast of Nicky Romero – Protocl Radio. Enjoy the official download link and online stream: Tracklist and information about this podcast episode: ON-AIR! Welcome to #PRR590…

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