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#262 Deadbeats Radio

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Zeds Dead – the canadian sensation is here with their DeadBeats Radio (better killing than death but that’s just us). Unique mix of styles making them frequents guests on the main stage of many of the big festovals in the past 6-7 years.

So here we go with another episode of their weekly podcast DeadBeats Radio

Enjoy the music with the offical downlaod link and online stream for: #262 Deadbeats Radio


More information and tracklist (if available) for this episode:
Zeds Dead – I Took A Ride
Autograf, Mougleta – In Your Eyes
Drezo x MASTERIA – Techno
Crankdat – Ding Dong
Moore Kismet – Wasteland
Buunshin – Man Know (ft. Obese)
Kx5 – Escape (ft. Hayla) [Subtronics Remix]
Kloudmen – Steppers
Jayceeoh Kez – Bad Bitch (feat. Kez)
Ray Volpe – Laserbeam
Teddy Killerz – Redemption Plan
Kyber – Onslaught
Papa Khan – So Far Away
um.. – gopher it
Takjacob – Russell’s Viper
Jayceeoh, 1000volts, Redman – Cobra Kai (feat. 1000volts)
ColtCuts – Catnip
anti. – Eons
Kyral x Banko, Mport – ID Please?
Juelz – Eden
Steller – Another Love
Reaper x Kumarion – The Uprising
NOISES – Breathe

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Release date: Mon, 11 Jul 2022 20:38:53 +0000

Source of podcast: DeadBeast Official Website
Offical website: Zedds Dead Official Website
About the DJ:
Zeds Dead is a Canadian electronic music duo from Toronto, Canada. Dylan Mamid, also known as DC, and Zachary Rapp-Rovan, also known as Hooks, rose to prominence releasing original music and remixes from 2009–10 before becoming a staple on the international touring circuit thereafter.
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Origin: Toronto, Canada (2009)
Members: Zachary Rapp-Rovan, DC

Source of DJ info: WiKiPedia

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