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Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.887 Shinedoe

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RA.887 Shinedoe : At the age of 16, Shinedoe was already comfortable in the club. The Dutch artist started dancing at parties as a part-time job while studying before finding her way behind the decks. She landed her first big DJ booking at Amsterdam club Paradiso at the tender age of 19 and her first single, “Dilemma,” from 2004, quickly became an Ibiza favourite. All of this is to say that she knows how to move a room.

Influenced by Detroit techno pioneers like Robert Hood, Shinedoe’s mixes and productions are full of jacking kicks and big-room basslines. Funky, slamming rhythms are her forte and even when she focuses on minimalist tech house or darker sounds, there’s always some zest sprinkled in, in the form of electro and breaks.

For her RA Podcast, the Intacto Records and Music That Moves founder offers a variety of powerful techno cuts. There’s DJ Godfather’s turntablist take, her own acid-tinged mindbenders and a hard, no-nonsense banger from Glasgow duo Slam to conclude. It’s the kind of punchy mix that can pull in any kind of dance music fan, techno head or not.



Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.866 Daria Kolosova

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RA.866 Daria Kolosova : Before the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Daria Kolosova was one of the brightest stars of Kyiv’s incredible techno scene, when the city was among the best places for the genre anywhere in the world (and remains so, even under duress). Now living in Berlin, Kolosova’s style and sound feel both timeless and progressive. She’s been DJing since she was a teenager—after falling in love with dance music via her dad’s collection—and has built up a style that has taken her to the world’s most renowned techno clubs and festivals.

In spite of her popularity, Kolosova does things differently to many of her peers. She’s spoken about her respect for and recognition of techno’s origins, and her DJing style pays homage to the genre’s history. Her sets span eras and continents, with a ’90s bent that encompasses not just hard, rolling techno but breakbeats, electro, IDM and prog. Her RA Podcast is a brilliant collection of old and new, from Goa trance to Julia Govor, expertly mixed with a storyteller’s hand.



Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.885 Cormac

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RA.885 Cormac : You might describe Cormac McCarthy as a late bloomer. Or he might describe himself that way. Though he’s been in the dance music game for a long time—a regular at Trash and Nag Nag Nag, and a resident of and booker behind the old Sunday WetYourSelf! parties at fabric—it’s only more recently that he’s come into a sound that he can call his own, something that connects more clearly with who he is.

That sound is rooted in the queer history so important to him. You could call his RA Podcast hi-NRG, to be general. It’s that vibrant, pounding, melodic and synthetic sound that came out of the post-disco early ’80s, combining the flair of disco with the strut of Italo. There’s new and old here, because McCarthy is a champion of evolving iterations of the genre (think Chinaski or Jennifer Cardini). Over this two and a half hours you’ll hear Patrick Cowley and Madonna, but also a whole lot of other, less obvious stuff too. We could go on, but McCarthy explains himself pretty well (and eloquently) in the interview on the RA website. One hot tip: watch out for his upcoming Queerly Beloved podcast series, where he talks to queer artists about their relationships with music.



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