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Bangkok Underground Podcast 018 – Dj Titan

Hola guys we found another great DJ set on Soundcloud that you should listen online on Killing Beats Dot Com.

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DJ Titan is an all House genre DJ whose passion is in Progressive House, Organic and Melodic House music. But don’t be fooled. He also spins Tech House and Techno and House.
DJing only a short time. DJ Titan has built a skill set of discipline and allure. Prior to last year DJ Titan performed at mostly house parties and for friends.
Today he performs on Live streams. DJ Titan hales from Chicago Ill. Expect to hear more from DJ Titan in the future. DJ Titan also uses the presidium (Prometheus). Asked why he choose Prometheus,
DJ Titan said, “Because Prometheus felt that the knowledge and power the gods welded and held over humans did not give humans a fair playing field as they were bound to the often harsh instructions and harsh punishments the gods would dole out upon them. Prometheus would give to the humans knowledge needed to be self reliant and independent from the hard rules of law governed by the gods. so he gave them knowledge which led to his demise. I want to give of myself what I find in the music I play. My mixes are an extension of who I am.
When I start my mixes I never truly know where we will end up. I flow in the music and we begin our journey together. Ultimately we merge and become one and the same.
A few of DJ Titans influences are DJ Zaria, DallyCatXxxy, DJ VLKN, DJ Barrycade, DJ Just B, DJ Mizu, Melodic Beats and other superstar DJs, Creators and producers.

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