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Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.902 Di Linh

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RA.902 Di Linh : Di Linh name-checks Ben UFO and DJ Masda as two of her favourite DJs in the interview below, which underlines the lovely duality of her style: her sets are adventurous but buttery smooth. One of Vietnam’s most buzzed-about DJs—and a resident at the all-important Hanoi club Savage, as well as Equation festival—she was a punter before she was a DJ. She fell in love with the music at Savage and eventually playing her first-ever gig there, as if it were all kismet.

Her sets are remarkably diverse but also remarkably consistent, with a refreshing, mid-tempo pace marked by well-placed bursts of energy. And so her RA Podcast is impeccably mixed, with the pacing and patience you’d expect from someone who has been DJing for decades. Bookends from Dust-e-1 sandwich an hour of house and techno from the likes of Kerrie, Schacke and Mac Declos. Linh finds a common thread that’s all about tactile textures, catchy melodies and beautifully mixed-down drums, a sound you’ll hear across the current wave of increasingly revered Southeast Asian DJs who prefer mood and storytelling over genres. Di Linh is one of the best of them.



Resident Advisor Podcast : RA.901 Clarisa Kimskii

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RA.901 Clarisa Kimskii : New York party Merge is often described as a queer techno extravaganza. Over the past two years, it’s built a loyal community from the ground up while integrating everything from high-energy trance to disorienting acid into its rave repertoire. Resident Clarisa Kimskii has played a defining role in the collective’s growth, largely thanks to the ultra-kinetic and rhythmic pace of her DJ sets.

Time and time again, the Washington DC native has demonstrated her ability to lock in dancers through captivating and hypnotic selections across various sub-styles of techno. There are tribal, witchy cuts. Jacking, Detroit-style funk. Psychedelic, DJ Nobu-style grooves and austere sounds that nod to Sandwell District. It’s the kind of range that explains why Kimskii has been booked worldwide many years over, and more and more as of late. Her deep understanding of techno’s myriad flavours come from two decades of industry experience as well as esoteric productions on labels like Mysteries Of The Deep and L.A.G. (her own short-lived, underrated, essential techno platform).

Kimskii’s long time in the techno scene, her experience and her expertise is expressed in full form on her RA Podcast Moving from industrial grit to gentle transcendence to heady acid, the mix feels free, fluid but also remarkably precise, just like Kimskii herself.



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