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Jeton Records Radio Show: JRS151 Ramon Tapia

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Welcome to the 151th episode of the Jeton Records Radio Show ! This month, we are pleased to welcome Ramon Tapia .

Born and raised in Holland, Ramon Tapia ‘s journey into the techno realm mirrors the eclectic beats that shaped his youth. Immersed in the sounds of Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Kraftwerk, and Detroit techno pioneers, his musical foundation was enriched by the dance floor tales spun by his older sisters.

Relocating to Antwerp for studies, a part-time job in a record shop changed his trajectory. Teaming up with a colleague, he delved into production, crafting a tougher techno style. The late 2000s marked his emergence under the moniker Ramon Tapia , with releases on Herzblut, Craft, and Yellow Tail, defining a new school techno sound.

A pivotal moment came in 2010 when he mixed a compilation for Strictly Rhythm, propelling him onto the global stage. Subsequently, he found a home in renowned labels like Remote Area, 100% Pure, Intacto, Gem Records, Great Stuff, and Turbo, remixing tracks for industry stalwarts.

In 2012, he founded Say What? Recordings and Aella Music, channeling his Latin background and Dutch/Belgian heritage into a unique techno template. Ramon Tapia remains a humble artist, driven by a passion to rock dancefloors and let his music speak without hyperbole or ego.

We are very pleased to host Ramon Tapia on this month’s Jeton Records Radio Show with his exclusive mix.



Jeton Records Radio Show: JRS150 Ferhat Albayrak

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Welcome to the 150th episode of the Jeton Records Radio Show ! This month, we are pleased to welcome label-head Ferhat Albayrak .

Jeton Records Radio was launched in 2011, and it has now reached its 150th episode after 12 incredible years! We’ve had the privilege of hosting an array of renowned DJs, including the likes of Carl Cox, Richie Hawtin, and Marco Carola, to name just a few.

Our show is broadcasted on 50+ radio stations worldwide, and for this special milestone episode, we’ve asked “label-head” Ferhat Albayrak to provide an exclusive mix.

He’s graciously shared his live-recorded mix from the Volkswagen Arena in September 2023, where he closed the set for Carl Cox.

We can’t express enough gratitude to all our supporters who have allowed us to air 150 episodes of this radio show! Your support means the world to us, and we look forward to celebrating more milestones with you in the future. We’ll continue to share our passion and bring you the best in Techno.


Jeton Records Radio Show: JRS149 DJ T-1000

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Welcome to the 149th episode of the Jeton Records Radio Show! This month, we’re thrilled to welcome the legendary Detroit DJ and producer, DJ T-1000 .

DJ T-1000, born Alan Oldham, is a renowned Detroit techno artist known for his contributions as a DJ, producer, and label-head. He initially worked as a graphic designer and comics illustrator before getting involved in Detroit’s electronic music scene through illustrating Transmat releases. His Fast Forward radio program on WDET evolved from industrial to techno, introducing many to the genre. In 1992, he joined Underground Resistance as a DJ and started his label, Generator. He later established Pure Sonik Records and gained recognition as one of Detroit’s top DJs. DJ T-1000 has released mix albums and produced music for labels like Tresor and Djax-Up-Beats, earning a reputation in the techno scene. His DJ name is inspired by a character from the film “Terminator 2: Judgment Day.”.

We’re proud to present a studio mix by DJ T-1000 on this month’s Jeton Records Radio Show.


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